Don’t you just love technology?

I do -when it goes right. I know there are those times when we curse it as we sit and watch the timer going on forever and nothing loads.  But on a good day it does nice things.

I used to use Scraps in an old version of MS Office. If you had a piece of ext you would be using again and again to send to different people you could just highlight it and drag it onto your desktop then when you needed it you could drag it into an email or whatever.  I was quite sad when this facility disappeared from later versions of Office but this morning I realised that Notes in Outlook does the same sort of thing.

easy to re-use text
Tired of typing text over and over again?

1 Grab some text from a document. Either highlight and drag it onto the Notes icon in the Outlook sidebar or copy and paste if that is easier.
2 When you want to use that text in an email,  just drag the note icon onto the mail icon, hold and wait.  The email will open with the text in the body of the message.